Believe That You are a Gift to the World

January 8th, 2012

1-9-12If you don’t already, start believing in yourself today. There is an entire world out there that needs you. Take some time today to evaluate what you like to do and find a way to use that passion to benefit others. The power of one person is incredible. Show your passion to the world. Someone will notice and your message will spread exponentially. The ability to connect with the rest of the world, because of the Internet, opens up your ability to spread your gift to everyone.
After 9/11 2001, I started a program called, Sow Only Seeds Of Love which spread around the world. The Internet was one of the contributing factors in this message spreading globally.
The photo is of one of my stickers, which was taken in the Bahamas by a man from Virginia who was in an art show in my hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

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