100 Mile Ride for Hero Michael Fox

February 17th, 2012

2-17-12On a scale of 1-10, today was a 12.
My day started in the early morning hours, with my weekly call to Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show hosted by Seth Leibsohn. This program has a huge national audience and is sensational way to get the word to everyone about the real Heroes in today’s society; Wounded Warriors & Police and Firefighters killed in the line of duty. What a nice interview by Seth as he allows me to give his audience weekly updates.
If you had to pick the weather for a “century” ride, today’s weather was just that, perfect! I rode for 13 hours and went 101 miles. I will always ride an extra mile on a “century,” just in case the newly calibrated odometer is off by a little. This ride, without a doubt, was the most powerful ride I have ever taken on a bicycle. So many cheers, so many people applauding and so much interest in this ride and who it was for, made me realize the unbelievable interest in those who are Wounded Warriors.
If you are looking for a cause to get involved in, one of the best causes you will find is for those who protect our liberties and freedoms. Wounded Warriors need you!!! I’m hoping the same enthusiasm I was met with on my ride will be representative, of those of you who read this. Thank you for what you will do for Wounded Warriors, moving forward.
A wonderful photograph of me carrying The Kindness Bicycle down a flight of stairs, taken by Kibiwot Limo, made its way to the front page of the Santa Monica Daily Press.

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