Ferry to Coronado

February 3rd, 2012

2-3-12You can’t come to San Diego and not go to Coronado. A ten minute ride by ferry from San Diego gets you to this Island where it is a great way to spend a day.
I came to honor Heroes and thank them for their work. I paid a visit to the Police Department but found that all were out on patrol with all of the tourists in town for the day. My visit to the Coronado Fire Department netted much better results. Jon without an H, Mark with a K and Brian, who Jon and Mark joked, is so old he used to teach some ancient scholars. These guys were a so much fun to talk with and they included me in their camaraderie as we kidded each other about how well they get along.
This island serves as home to the Navy as the northern half is the North Island Naval Complex. Many Navy personnel spotted the Wounded Warrior signs on The Kindness Bicycle. Much interest in my trip ensued. I met the wife of a Navy EOD expert, she has particular respect for all of the brave forces in the field.
Ten days and counting until One Million Acts Of Kindness Week. Please take the time to plan to take part in this week.

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