Fuel for the Ride

March 2nd, 2012

3-2-12I am asked on many occasions when I am riding, what do you have to eat to be able to ride so many miles. I eat very sensibly on The Kindness Bus to keep fit, as much as I can. The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes is a cakewalk, (pardon the pun) compared to my previous ride. The average daily ride is usually 20 miles. The only days that become challenging, is when I ride 100 miles. I find it hard to eat 7,000 calories worth of food. I just can’t seem to consume that much food.
Today’s photo is a bicyclist’s gourmet meal. It is high energy, slow burn food with great flavor. Bananas, honey and peanut butter on high quality whole grain bread is a Kindness Bus delicacy. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are commonplace staples as well. I am able to heat water and have a French press coffee carafe. My breakfast is quite often, old fashioned whole oats with a handful of raisins and lots of cinnamon. On occasion, I will add almond milk. The coffee, which I make so strong, could be used in the engine as motor oil. I eat lots of other great fresh foods as well.
Thank you to everyone for your interest and concern about my nutritional intake. That sandwich looks SO good, I think I’ll make a 2nd one.

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