North Las Vegas

March 4th, 2012

3-4-12The miles on The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes are starting to add up, I am very near the 1,000 mile mark. It is a joy to ride in cool weather, allowing me to wear long sleeves and giving me protection from the full sun almost every day. This is a welcome change from the 50+ days of 110 degree heat index, on my 7,500 mile ride this past summer.
Wounded Warrior George, who served in the Army in Vietnam during the Tet offensive in 1968, came running up to me when I was buying some bolts for The Kindness Bicycle today. He was so excited to see The Kindness Bicycle with its Wounded Warrior sign. He thanked me several times during our conversation. I welcomed him home in case these are words he has yet to hear.
The big buzz around North Las Vegas today was an appearance by NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow. He spoke at a local church today and will again tomorrow. Tim is a huge Wounded Warrior supporter. He is building a Wounded Warrior group home in Colorado. This fine man is doing so much good for so many people.
Josh who took today’s picture is planning to skateboard to San Diego from Las Vegas. After talking with me, he has decided to do if for a worthy cause. It is amazing the good that can come from a short conversation, with the hopes of positively affecting people in very profound ways.

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