Donaldson Elementary

April 12th, 2012

4-12-12Today started with an interview by Thelma Grimes, editor of The Explorer, a local, weekly newspaper of communities to the north of Tucson. Thelma thought it a great idea to help spread kindness through her newspaper. I was highly impressed as she asked some very thought provoking questions for the article.
I arrived early this afternoon to the Donaldson Elementary campus for my afternoon program. These Donaldson students were so interested in what I had to say. I love talking with children of these ages. I hope a lifelong message is  reaching them. Thank you to Principal Gist, Guidance Counselor Lopez and IT expert Dyann Vaccaro for the help in visiting this wonderful school.
Later in the day, while packing up, Aidan, one of the students, was so impressed with the messages on The Kindness Bus that he asked if he could write a message as well. When he told me he would like to write “Be the best you can be,” I found a prime spot for his words to be written on The Kindness Bus for the world to see.

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