Oro Valley Police Detective Willis Gravell

April 9th, 2012

4-9-12Today I rode the busy streets of Oro Valley, Arizona to honor this town’s only in the line of duty fatality. Hero Detective Gravell gave his life on an illegal immigrant call in 1989.
My first stop was the Police Station where I found Kevin, a very interested patrolman on the Oro Valley force. He was very appreciative for having me stop by on The Kindness Bicycle. Cassidy, who took today’s picture, works for the department and was thrilled to help out in any way she could. I also stopped by the town’s administration offices to leave information for the mayor and council members. Even with the passing of more than 23 years since this tragedy, the response I received from passing vehicles was very strong. My ride ended before noon to get out of the heat and sun of the day. Thank you to Sarah for the mid morning iced tea at one of my quick stops.

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