Antler Ridge Wildlife Preserve

June 6th, 2012
6-6-12I spent the day at the most amazing place with the most incredible people who perform hundreds of acts of kindness for animals in need. Visit their website; to realize the incredible work being done at this sanctuary. The information below, is directly from their website.

Antler Ridge Farm was purchased by Jim and Kelly Simonetti in 2000. Because the 120-acre farm is protected under the farmland preservation program of New Jersey, it can never be developed. Over the years, some of the land has been restored to the original farming fields, while the rest is being maintained as a wildlife sanctuary.

Under the guidance and direction of several agencies such as The Audubon Society, Tree Farm Stewardship, and Ridge and Valley Conservation, these ongoing efforts will help maintain and continue to nurture the flora and fauna native to New Jersey. The loss of habitat in our State has put a tremendous strain on the wildlife populations, and forced the animals to live in conditions to which they are unable to adapt.

Established a year after the farm, The Antler Ridge Sanctuary is licensed by the State of New Jersey to care for all small mammals that includes, but is not limited to, fawn, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits and opossums.

We are a 501©3 non-profit organization supported exclusively by public donations and grants. Our staff of experienced volunteers provides immediate care for animals 7 days a week, all year round.

Did you know it costs as much as $75.00 per animal per month to care for them?

With over 200 animals a year received at Antler Ridge Animal Sanctuary, expenses can really add up. And our animals get only the very best of care, with the veterinary care services provided at the same quality level as you would give your own personal pets.

So..Imagine the bill if you had to visit your vet EVERY WEEK with an animal that was hit by a car, or attacked by another animal. We count on the compassion and generous services of the local veterinarians and veterinary hospitals that support us.AND on donations from the public to help us continue in our quest for excellent ongoing care.

Every animal we treat is considered a patient until its release. Sanctuary Founder and Director Kelly Simonetti operates the sanctuary like a healthcare facility, with Admission, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Rehabilitation then Discharge as standard procedure.

Every step of the process is considered critical to the goal of discharge or release; however human safety come firsts, and every effort is made to prevent imprinting to humans to ensure a successful release.

About the Director

Kelly Simonetti, Founder and Director of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, has enjoyed a long career in care giving. A graduate of nursing school, Kelly worked as a RN for 20 years, while also volunteering her time to St Hubert’s Animal Shelter in Madison, NJ where she cared for the many sick animals in the shelter. She has also held an animal control license since 1998, and has volunteered many hours with the local animal rescue groups.

During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Kelly helped organize and mobilize the Morris County Animal Rescue Team. She was one of the primary organizers in the animal rescue efforts provided by St Hubert’s Animal Welfare and Sussex County Animal Rescue Team to transport and house the left-behind animals from the Katrina Disaster. In 2000, she and her husband Jim purchased the land now known as Antler Ridge Farm. During that year, she also completed her training in wildlife rehabilitation and was granted a license from the State of New Jersey to practice. Since then, the Sanctuary has grown in leaps and bounds under her auspicious and dedicated leadership.

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