Tomorrow is Father’s Day

June 16th, 2012

6-16-12Once a year is a day which reminds us of someone we should celebrate all year long, our fathers.
Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote earlier this year, that I hope all fathers will read.
Fathers do matter! Having positive male role models in children’s lives is imperative.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has done extensive studies on the powerful impact a father has on his children, starting as early as birth. The website is well worth reading.
Traveling across the nation for the past several months and talking with thousand of people I have come to realize just how important a positive message can be to children, when imparted by a father. One of the most important learning lessons is the witnessing of the love a father shows to his wife. Parents interacting in positive ways in front of their children, will have healthier, more emotionally stable children, it is a proven fact.
Fathers matter…and of course, mothers matter too!

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