Veterans Volunteering

July 8th, 2012

7-8-12You meet the greatest people when you take the time to look around. With a full week of extreme temperatures this past week, I took the day off to recoup and relax. Sheridan, an Air Force Veteran from the Vietnam era was in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn when I walked by the community garden of which he is the President. I felt the need to visit this peaceful place. He is a gentle giant and he and I talked about The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes and all the work he is doing to give back in his years of retirement. “How much television can you watch?” he stated. He is also a regular volunteer at the Veterans hospital in Brooklyn and is on a local housing board as well. He is amazed at the many tours of duty our military Heroes are performing. We also talked about the great resources that are being offered by non-profits formed to fill in some of the needs not completely addressed by the VA.
Sheridan invited me back to an art show at the community garden in August. I will be back for sure. Thank you for your service to our country Sheridan.

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