You Are the Hero

July 17th, 2012

7-17-12The Kindness Bicycle is outfitted with a sign in the front and two in the rear. The two in the rear are supported by a metal, horizontal bike rack, which over time, along with riding over hundreds of bumps every day, undoubtedly cracks on the welded frame. The most recent break took place late last week leaving me with just the sign on the front which reads, “Riding 4,000 Miles for Heroes.” the two rear signs address Wounded Warriors, Police and Firefighters. With the absence of the two rear signs, it leaves people guessing who the Heroes are and I am constantly asked this question. My reply, before I tell them what the rear signs actually read is, You! You! If you live your life, as good as you can, while being a positive example to the world, are truly a Hero. Most people smile and shake their heads yes in approval.
The world could sure use many more Heroes. Maybe the One Million Acts Of Kindness logo can be the Heroes crest.

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