Central Brooklyn and Manhattan

August 7th, 2012

8-7-12Perfect weather with light overcast skies allowed me to ride from nearly sunrise to sunset. It sure was nice to get a break from the full sun and I made the best of it. I visited seven Firehouses and two Police Precincts.
I am always made to feel like a minor celebrity when I show up at these Firehouses. Several of them already have the flyer I deliver when I pay my visit. One of the men at one of the Firehouses has been faxing it around. Thank you to whoever that may be.
Community Affairs Police Officer Thybulle of the 67th Precinct took the time out of his busy day to meet with me as he was preparing for his Precinct’s “National Night Out Against Crime” event.
This evening I made my way across the Brooklyn Bridge to two of their “Night Out” affairs. They were well attended, with a great mix of community and law enforcement.
I love The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes!

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