Dedicate Your Life to a Charity

August 2nd, 2012

The following is a letter I received on the One Million Acts Of Kindness fan page of FaceBook. I am honored to have received such a wonderful letter.
The words “Dedicate your life to a charity,” which are written in two places on The Kindness Bus, are having a profound impact in many lives.

Bob!   How are you?   How is the tour going?   I just wanted to let you know how I am fulfilling my promise to One Million Acts of Kindness.   Last week I moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to serve as a volunteer coordinator for 12 months.   I am here now and am loving it.  I am committed to giving myself to the people of the world as a symbol of our united journey.  Thank you for your contribution for my life and the lives of so many.
Matt Woosley

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