Happy to Lend a Hand

September 6th, 2012

9-6-12Simon from England is a talented artist who works at the foot of The Brooklyn Bridge in City Hall Park. He creates beautiful art of various landmark buildings in New York City arranged as a skyline. He does this with layers of various colors of spray paint and then etched with putty knives. The finished product is amazing!
I have ridden by him dozens of times this summer as the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my main routes. On one of my stops to chat with him, he was being a hero to a young girl, repairing her star on a stick. When the mom went to offer Simon some money, he refused and said he was “happy to lend a hand.”
What a simple, beautiful lesson for a child to witness and learn from. It is lessons like this one that help to instill the core value of kindness in children. Every child should witness several acts of kindness every day from all adults. We should all be a Hero to someone every day.
Tomorrow I begin riding in my final borough of New York City, the Bronx.

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