L.A.N.D. Gallery

October 13th, 2012

10-13-12Two weekends ago, I was invited by L.A.N.D. curator, Matthew Murphy, and Communications Specialist, Kyle Bowen, to take part in the DUMBO Arts Festival by parking at their studio/gallery and interacting with their clients and artists. What an honor it was to be involved with such a first-rate organization.
All fourteen of the talented artists of L.A.N.D. Studio and Gallery in the heart of Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood just finished participating in a group show at the Museum of Modern Art. The L.A.N.D. (League Artists Natural Design) Studio and Gallery is one of the creative programs founded by the League Education and Treatment Center, an agency that has been working with mentally disabled individuals in Brooklyn for over fifty years.
L.A.N.D., the first program of its kind in Brooklyn, is a studio/gallery created to give adults a chance to develop their talents in a warm and supportive environment. It provides a showcase for their art, while giving them the opportunity to express their creativity and to garner the artistic recognition they deserve.
The imposing “Tinfoil Gorilla” behind Bogart is the creation of talented artist, Dean Millien.
Some of this article was taken from the L.A.N.D. Gallery website.

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