The Importance of Words

November 16th, 2012

11-16-12One of my favorite sculptures in Vero Beach, Florida is of a sea turtle with paintings of children throughout the world on its shell. On the base are beautifully descriptive words that all of us should embrace in our lives. These 34 words if embodied, can lead to a happier life and even lead to less suicide in our society.
These are the words;

Inspire, Respect, Share, Forgive, Listen, Support, Meditate, Imagine, Accept, Understand,  Strive, Resolve Communicate, Revere, Solve, Progress, Thank, Create, Motivate, Hug, Give, Believe, Persevere, Build, Unite, Volunteer, Try, Laugh, Promote, Cheer, Redefine, Dream, Hope and Love.
There are many other words you can add to this list to begin the road to an “even better you.”
Thank you to the Vero Beach Elks Lodge #1774 for providing accommodations for The Kindness Bus Tour.

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