Vero Beach, Florida

November 6th, 2012

11-6-12Riding earlier this year to honor Wounded Warriors and Police & Firefighters killed in the line of duty, I heard a statistic that astounded me, every 80 minutes of every day, a Veteran commits suicide. These Heroes, coming home from the stresses of active duty, are finding it impossible to cope in day to day life. They are falling through the safety net. Most returning Veterans don’t feel they are part of society and they struggle to exist. Each and every one of us need to do a better job helping Veteran organizations by volunteering or donating what we can. Thank Veterans every chance you get. Make them feel welcome.
Gaye King, a Vero Beach resident is doing everything she can to help those who need a helping hand. She started a Veterans Homeless Shelter in Vero and is home to 7 Veterans. I stopped by this shelter and talked with Bruce, a Navy E5 Veteran. He said this temporary home fills a very big void in his life. It kept him from living on the streets and possibly a downward spiral to who-knows-where.

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