Pelican Marsh Elementary

January 18th, 2013

1-18-13The Kindness Bus tour had a huge day by 10am, visiting this Naples, Florida school and being on the morning, in-school newscast which reached over 800 students and teachers.
Laura Pacter, a mother of a couple of students, had seen The Kindness Bus in Naples before Christmas. She knew immediately the message it represented. Laura singlehandedly, put together our visit to this campus.
After visiting the morning news, we visited some of the classrooms to talk with the students in person.
Principal, Dr. James Gasparino, Guidance Counselor, Leanne Hope and  District Coordinator of The Department of Student Services, Diedra Landrum, Ed. D. were all part of the program, helping to spread the message of One Million Acts Of Kindness. It was an honor to be a part of this very caring group of educators. Thank you to everyone at Pelican Marsh Elementary for this very special visit.

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