Whitney Point, New York

March 11th, 2013
Two years ago, Mayor David Downs declared April 27th, One Million Acts Of Kindness Day in Whitney Point, New York. I just assumed that it was just to be that one time. I was shocked to learn that it took place last year and will again this year. I am honored and grateful for the great work being done in this community. Thank you to one and all.
Below are excerpts from two emails from Whitney Point Preschool Director, Kim Downs.
Yes, last year we continued the message of kindness by giving each family in our programs a card which said something like..”Kindness…pass it on!”  An act of kindness was performed and then the card was given to whomever was the recipient of the kindness.  The cards were still going around the village for months after. This year’s event promises to be even bigger as we are involving the entire village in performing acts of kindness on One Million Acts of Kindness Day.
I want you to remind you that April 27 is One Million Acts of Kindness Day in Whitney Point, NY! This year service organizations, churches, the schools, the Mayor and village board members and of course, Whitney Point Preschool children and families will be performing acts of kindness throughout the day and across the village.  We are even having flash mobs of kindness at designated times throughout the day.  Several of our groups will be raising funds to continue your mission as their act of kindness. We have never forgotten you, Bogart or the good you are doing in the world.

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