Deja Vu x 2

July 11th, 2013

7-11-13The Kindness Bus has a huge issue in climbing long grades. My attempts to drive it over the Sierra Nevada range on two consecutive days has tested its engine to nearly the breaking point. It will not be able to make it to the east without assistance by rail or by towing. The mystery is how well it runs on flat grades or short hills…the long climbs are its Waterloo. I stopped a number of times when the engine started banging, getting worse, the more I tried.
We headed back the more than 100 miles once again, knowing that there is a very important reason for this new chapter of The Kindness Bus Tour.
Today’s photo was an inspiration to me. It was a view directly outside the door of The Kindness Bus when we stopped for our final time before heading back down.
This sprout of a pine tree, just off the gravel next to the emergency lane is doing everything it possibly can to grow and thrive…against all odds!

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