Make Your Life a Great Adventure

July 15th, 2013

7-15-13Being on The Kindness Bus Tour is a bigger adventure than I ever had dreamt for myself, prior to its inception. New towns, new people and incredible stories make this tour something I look forward to every day.
Jennete and her twin sister Jennifer have been seeing The Kindness Bus in Mill Valley and were happy to meet Bogart and me, to learn first hand about this mission. The Bogart book was a big hit for these two dog loving women. An offer for volunteering may happen. This mission is needing it in a big way, with all of the promoting to schools across the country.
Melanie, Bridget and Phillip, three recent college graduates talked with me this evening about helping kids. They are inspiring kids to challenge themselves to do good deeds, all the while being inspired themselves, while their adventures take them to far away lands.

Bridget saw the kindness shirt I was wearing and said, “I have that same sticker on my computer!” She then realized her kindness adventure is all the more important.

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