Digging Deep

June 1st, 2014


I will, and have at times, dug deep to keep continuing this mission. My 2nd night in London was one of those times. Having nowhere to stay, and all of the local hotels having their “no vacancy” signs displayed, I opted for an outdoor shed of the family who gave me a bit of time on the first night, in their much too small place. Not wanting to put their son out on the streets to make room for me, I asked for a quilt and pillow and headed for their shed. Filled with an assortment of “stuff,” which I arranged in the dark, I drifted off for a short sleep, realizing, upon awaking, I was sharing the shed with some unknown four legged animal. The chilly damp night and strong “shed aroma” pushed me out as well. It was a very short night of sleep and a long night of being awake on the streets.
Having the energy to ride for twelve or more hours a day,  a good night’s rest is most welcome. That, thankfully, is now being provided by some very generous caring individuals, stateside.

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