September 19th, 2009


Spent the night in Brimfield, Ohio.  The next morning I went into a coffee shop in for my morning cup when a woman in a moose outfit saw me leave the bus and enter the shop.   She asked me what time the parade started.  Parade?  What parade?   She assumed I was going to be in the annual Brimfest parade, and when she realized I had no idea what she was talking about, she insisted I join in.  I was happy to do so, a few thousand people saw the bus, some even applauded with a standing “O.”  A very nice hometown parade, what a great day!

The chief of police came up and said he thought it was a great idea.  Ann, an inner city elementary school teacher, saw Bogart and came over to tell me what a great idea this was.  So, the pendulum swings both ways, somewhat of a downer at the University of Akron, and then a great day in Brimfield, Ohio.  Life is good.

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