Case Western

September 11th, 2009

Case Western Reserve University.  I had a terrific visit, I must have talked to 400-500 students, all seemed to love the idea and embrace the One Million Acts of Kindness (OMAK) concept.  Gary, an Economics professor, stopped by to discuss the project; he was totally supportive of the idea and offered a few suggestions I may use in the future. 

This seemed to me to be a campus with some serious students.  While many stopped to chat, they all seemed to be going somewhere and had no time to stay very long.  Most stayed just a minute or two, short visits, but very sweet. 

Increasingly, I have been asked what my schedule is and what campuses I intend to visit.

There is really no way of knowing exactly when I will be on any given campus. Some campuses may be added to this list. The only sure dates are Atlanta area by Thanksgiving and Tampa area by Christmas week.  I thought I would have been to Dayton by now but have only reached Ashland in four weeks of travels… all as a result of good things happening.

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