Kenyon and “The Naz”

September 29th, 2009

What a beautiful campus.  I decided to drive around the campus to make the bus as visible as possible.  Then I went into town and found a good spot for the bus and set up things there.  There were lots of people, mostly students, almost all of them took stickers.  I’m grateful to them for their interest.


Late in the morning I drove to Mount Vernon Nazarene, or “The Naz” as it’s called locally.  I set up shop and Bogart and I went for a walk.  Soon 3 young men came up and were very enthused about the Kindness project.  As it turns out, they work with meals to shut ins, foodbanks, and the like, so this was something they thought they could promote.  They took 100 or so stickers and said they would carry the message on.


Then it was back to Kenyon.  While I have met some great young people along the way, the students at Kenyon were among the most polite, all the time creating stimulating conversations.  I’ll bet I passed out 600 stickers, almost everyone wanted one.  I remember days in Cleveland when someone on the street would pass out a flyer and 20 feet later 90% of them would be on the ground.  Here, after passing out all those stickers, only 1 was found on the ground. I think that is a great sign.

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