Kindness, the Bird, and Tomatoes

September 13th, 2009

The most incredible thing happened today.  In a fantastic show of support, a good friend called and told me she had spoken to her attorney and instructed him to include “One Million Acts of Kindness” in her will.  “It’s not much,” she said, but the idea was one that really took me by surprise.  That sure helps my belief that there really is a message worth carrying forward to whoever will listen.  I can’t think of anything more sincere and supportive.


I had a couple events that broke the pattern of love and kindness I’ve been used to over the last few weeks.  Late yesterday afternoon, Bogart and I were driving in the bus when I must have changed lanes too quickly.  The driver in the car next to me had to put on his brakes, not on an emergency basis, just a fairly quick braking action.  He then pulled up next to me and as he went by I thought he was going to give me a friendly wave, as many people do.  He waved alright, but it was only a “single fingered wave.”  Huh?  What…..was…..that?   Was that what I thought it was?  The bird?  He flipped me the bird!  Now, there’s a first for me.  That certainly deserves a mention in the blog for sure. 

I got to thinking about it and really wondered what caused such a profound reaction, after all it wasn’t like I almost killed him or anything like that.  I was thinking about how ironic it is to be flipped the bird in a bus that says all over it, “One Million Acts of Kindness.”   Strange, very strange, indeed.  Then it came to me: It was late in the day, he was wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey, and the Browns had just lost the home opener for the 9th time in 10 years.  Poor guy, looks like he’s in for a long sad season and a lot of innocent people will be paying the price.  I’m glad Bogart didn’t see it.


Then, sometime in the middle of the night, someone threw a tomato at the bus.  Hit it smack in the middle of the back door.   I’m not too sure what the message is there, maybe the guy just really hates tomatoes.

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