Become a Millionaire

December 28th, 2009

1229091215As we near the beginning of another year, the time of year for resolutions and goals of self-improvement, one of the greatest goals each one of us can embrace, is setting a goal of becoming a “Kindness Millionaire” in our lifetime. With all of the “I Can Make You a Millionaire” infomercial DVDs and books, which seem to end up just collecting dust on a shelf, “You Can Make You a Kindness Millionaire” is a goal which will be more rewarding than most any other goal you set for yourself. Change yourself from within. Feel great about who you are by doing for others. Create a new lifestyle by transforming yourself into a person who sets a priority of creating happiness and security for others. Show the world just how good of a person you really are.

This is the resolution you need to keep.

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