Across the Ponds

January 20th, 2010

I love the internet. How did we survive without it? Blogs and social networks like Facebook are a great way to get a positive message to people. For me, one guy with a dog driving a bus across the country, it would be nearly impossible to spread my message by word of mouth alone. Once something reaches the internet, it can catch on quickly. The message can literally spread across the world. From England to Australia, there are several articles, which have been written of the message of One Million Acts of Kindness. Who knows what sort of worldwide effect this movement will have. I heard from someone in the Netherlands a couple of days ago who somehow found out about us. She is telling all of her friends. It is so amazing to me how easy it has become reach out to others throughout the world. If you have an idea, which can positively affect people, spend time on the internet promoting it. Watch how fast it spreads across the ponds.

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