Kindness and Diabetes

February 3rd, 2010

Ninety two and still volunteering!  You gotta love this guy. Clarence Haynes is this proud man’s name. He lives a few hours north of the Canadian border in Ontario, alone but not alone. He has 45,000 people he inspires each and every day. Fellow diabetics. This is his family. He is able to get through his day knowing that another person, someone quite a bit younger, no doubt is counting on him as a role model. He and I talked for over a half hour about partnering One Million Acts of Kindness with his acts of bravery. As if being a role model for others as an Amigo wasn’t enough, he is also leading an effort to build a camp for children with diabetes. Every time I feel like slacking off, when I should be doing for others, Clarence is going to become my role model. I wonder how many miles the Kindness Bus will have when I am ninety-two.

One Million Acts of Kindness Week begins Monday. Thank you to all participating schools.

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