My EIGHT Sisters

February 5th, 2010

How can one guy be so lucky in one lifetime? Fifty-four years of having eight sisters (seven older, one younger) always be there for me, throughout my life. Granted, it may have been a little cramped with all of us living in a four bedroom, one bathroom home growing up, but it had and still has, benefits too numerous to mention. Having such a large family in a small home, makes it nearly impossible not to be close. All of my sisters have left their personal mark on me. Lessons of core values, lessons of respect for others. A lifetime of kindness from their hearts, bestowed upon me. A large part of this movement is owed to the many lessons learned from my sisters over the years. I’ll post many inspiring stories in future blogs.

One Million Acts of Kindness Week begins Monday, a weeklong event, when tens of thousands of you, will decide if you want to make performing one million acts of kindness, your personal lifetime goal. The Kindness Bus Tour will be in Virginia Tech next week, we then head to southern Florida and then head north to Maine by June

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