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Lely High School, Naples, Florida

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

**** Please take the time to read a very special blog regarding our visit to this school. It will be posted this weekend and remain posted through the weekend.

The Great People I meet

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Indian writing 3-21-10One of the perks of traveling the country, are the truly genuine people I have the pleasure of meeting along my path. All have inspiring stories to tell, all add to the diversity that exists in this country.  Ramniklal and Rasila emigrated from Gujarat, India to the US twelve years ago. They are in the laundry business. As parents, they worked fourteen hours a day, six days a week to put their sons through medical school. Both sons practice Internal Medicine at Chands Medical Center in Florida. On my first visit to their business, both Ramniklal and Rasila wanted to know the details of my journey. They wanted to support my efforts in their prayers. I was honored to have Ramniklal express his feelings of peace and comfort for others, on the bus. The love they have in their hearts is expressed in the peacefully simple way in which they live their lives. The second time I visited their business, you would have thought I was part of the family. Thank you Ramniklal and Rasila. The words of peace which were written basically say; If you live your life with love, God will love you.

New College of Florida

Friday, March 19th, 2010

New College of Fla. 3-19-10Location location location… With a 180 degree view of Longboat Key across three miles of beautiful blue waters I was wishing that I had more time in my schedule for this college. This honors college, where the average high school GPA of its students was over 3.9, is having its last day of classes before Spring Break. Everyone was in great spirits. My first stop was the Student Activities office, where Lisa the office manager was thrilled to help with spreading this goal of kindness. I had the pleasure of meeting Lucia, a student well on her way to a lifetime of kindness. She credited the lessons her mother and father challenged her with as a child. What a caring person she is. Professor of Russian literature, David Schatz was relaxed as he strolled the campus grounds. He told me of a wonderful quote about kindness, from a Russian author, that he is going to forward to me. He is all for a better world for his students. Chelsea, Senior Class President approached as I talked with Logan, a student studying something that looked like Hieroglyphics to me. She agreed to hand out the fifty stickers, I gave to her, to students after Spring Break. Bogart was a big hit with Chelsea, as she has a Boston at home. I talked with over two hundred students on this campus which was very hard, to have to look at in my rear-view mirror.

Kindness vs. Hate

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Kindness Vs Hate 1Looking at the map of my new route traveling south from UT, I realized my travels to Eckerd College took me right past the Florida Holocaust Museum. I planned on a two hour visit, I ended up staying six. I was amazed at how one person, or a small group of people, could incite others to spread a message of hate and intolerance aimed at groups of so called “undesirables”. If this is the case, then certainly the opposite must be true. We can start a Kindness Movement and spread it to others across the globe and help to eliminate hatred in our society or choose to do nothing, and allow hatred to be with us for a very long time. I could write thousands of words about this, but the solution really is that simple. Please get on board this Kindness Movement, your kindness towards others is needed.Kindness vs Hate 3My stay at Eckerd College was the shortest visit at any campus thus far. Beyond belief however, I talked with a student who is writing about what I talked of above. This amazes me.
The photos of ceramic tiles are a part of a several hundred tile montage on display at the museum.

University of Tampa

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Bogart and 2 others 3-17-10A last minute change in plans was put into play two days ago. Contacted by Jose’ Rinco’n, a student at this college, proved to be one of the best things that has happened to The Kindness Bus Tour to date. Jose’ arranged for a nearly unattainable, dead center of the campus parking pass that even had the parking officers scratching their heads as to how this could happen. I was met by a rush of students who were beyond interested in this movement, many offered their time by expressing their desire to volunteer for One Million Acts Of Kindness. Here we go!! There were so many memorable students I had the pleasure of meeting today; Jennifer, Brittany and Sam stopped by and were in awe of the possibilities of The Kindness Bus Tour. Kristina was inspired to the level of signing on for volunteering for the local Tampa community. Tracy and Jessica from the Peace and Volunteer Center were all about what this group stands for and its acronym; People Exploring Active Community Experiences.  Rebecca, a freshman, volunteered on the spot to offer her time and passionate spirit to this movement.  Seeing students like the ones I was honored to meet today, makes me believe in one of the writings on my bus even more than I do already, it states, “Your generation will make this world a much better place”. It is already taking place on this campus.

University of South Florida

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

University of South Florida 3-16This very busy campus hit the ground running after a week of sun and fun during Spring Break. Students were everywhere, making my job much easier. Its nice when the students approach me instead of having to walk the length of the campus. We found an excellent back road on campus which was traveled by students on foot and groups of students waiting for the shuttle. I love having a captive audience. The shuttle stops allow for longer meetings and I get valuable insight into the day to day challenges kids are faced with. We had a great day with perfectly cool weather.
I am assembling a team of very talented volunteers to grow this movement at a much bolder pace than has been the case. I have been waiting for the right moment. That moment is now. More on this in upcoming posts.

St. Leo University

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Bogart and St. LeoBogart arrived on campus in fine form. He had the head of security and his staff won over before he was half way to them. We pretty much our run of the campus being that most students are on spring break. The library was our first stop on this campus which has its own golf course, abbey and monastery. Here again Bogart worked his magic which allowed us time to greet all of the library staff. We were then directed to the Student Union building where Ken Posner, assistant VP of student services, was thrilled to hear about this mission. We made contact with fewer than fifty people but it seemed like more, as everyone was so complimentary. Great, friendly campus.