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The Willow School

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Willow school 4-16-10This was the sort of morning for which live, the reason why I love what I am doing. The Willow School is one of those very special learning environments. Founded by Shakti Sutriasa only six years ago, this very small K-8 school, has assembled a very dedicated, talented staff. It was an honor to be able to talk with the very interested students in Govinda Reinhalter’s class. Govinda also teaches yoga and martial arts to local children and adults. This school has a 15 to 1 teacher to student ratio, every voice gets heard. A school where students look forward to getting up in the morning to attend. The students loved the fact that I turned the tables and had the teachers answer the questions which I posed. The students then asked very specific questions of me. What a great visit. The school has agreed to create a phrase which will then be painted on one of the last two panels on the bus. Unprompted, every student  was very respectful and many students shook my hand and thanked me for visiting. Thank you Willow School.
On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers to those affected and still affected, on this the third anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy…Hokies always prevail.

Rotary Club of Vero Beach

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Rotary Club 4 15-10A great opportunity to speak to the Rotarians of Vero Beach presented itself, I answered yes to the call without delay. This very active group, has meetings on Thursdays and I was asked by Kathy Sullivan, one of the members, to speak at their luncheon. Being able to talk to a diverse group of professionals gives great exposure to One Million Acts Of Kindness. The message of the Rotary and all of the various projects they are part of, made it a perfect fit for our message. I received so many words of praise at meeting’s end.
Not to rest on ones laurels, I decided to take George Barkett’s advice and visit the nearby Gifford Youth Activity Center. We were met by Program Director, Alfonso Chester who is very involved with making great things happen at this center and lives true to their motto “Where good things are happening”. Alfonso took time out for us, on one of the busiest days of the year, as they were readying for an annual fund raiser. The few students we were able to make contact with, loved the idea of a lifetime goal of kindness.

Indian River College, Vero Beach

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

4-14-10“Good call” were the words used by Caleb, to describe his feelings about One Million Acts Of Kindness and our visit to his campus. We set up shop in front of the Shumann Center and had great interest from everyone we talked with, during our short stay on this campus. Many of the students said they had already seen our bus in this beautiful Treasure Coast town. I am starting to get such positive feed-back from people we have met in the past. This inspires me to no end, to hear such wonderful stories.
Irvin, an employee at the college, talked of a different time when he grew up, then what currently exists. He told me of how there was a sense of neighborhood where he lived in Alabama, where people respected one another. He wants a return to those days. Irvin said to me, what I have been hearing all along my journey. Irvin left with a stack of stickers to start his own kindness campaign.

Calling All Musicians

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

4-13-10Late last week I learned of Dr. George Barkett and his passion for trying to spread peace in the world with songs for peace, today, I had the privilege to meet him. This man’s entire life is about doing for others; not only in his local region, but all across the world. He is a role model for all of us. Our meeting was about helping to further each other’s mission. George’s website, is worth a visit, to see how you can change the world through song.
George and his wife Sue, have opened their home to me, during my stay in Vero Beach. They are introducing me to members of the community, to help network the cause of One Million Acts Of Kindness to others. George has invited me to speak to the Rotary while I am in town and he is helping me with a visit to a local school. I wish everyone had the same core values as George.

Vero Beach, Florida

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Bogart on a turtle  4-12-10This year is flying by. The list of schools wanting to become involved with One Million Acts Of Kindness grows every day. I am being pulled in many great directions with this message. My next set-in-stone date, where I need to be somewhere is April 24th, in Haddonfield, NJ, which is when I will be the keynote speaker for a benefit for Mia Strobel, a seven year old girl who has cancer. This couldn’t be a more important event for me. Please check out the web site:  I need to accomplish many things for this benefit, so I have decided to make Vero Beach my home base for the next few days to concentrate my efforts on this.

The Kindness of Friends

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

White and red W 4-13-10Could it be that The Kindness Bus Tour has a message for everyone? It makes no difference who you are, there is a message written on the bus which will resonate with you. The Kindness Bus is a rolling embrace, for the human race.
During The Kindness Bus Tour, I am privileged to meet people who are making their mark on this world. People who are getting involved with helping to comfort those who are suffering. Others who are helping to educate children in our country, as well as children half-way around the world. People who are spending their own time and resources helping victims of natural disasters. Apathy is not a word in their vocabulary, altruism is. These are doers. They don’t just wish for a better world, they help to implement it. This is how great things get accomplished, this is how change takes place.
As time passes, I am becoming the recipient of so many kind acts from friends I make in every town. This past weekend, I did an 80 mile detour back to Delray Beach, Florida. An annual event which took place, gave me the opportunity to talk with children and their parents, about two thousand people in three day’s time. Not wanting to impose on the local firehouse for lodging once again, I decided to hope for the best. The best showed up on Friday evening, in the form of Teri and Jen, two local personal trainers. Teri and Jen wouldn’t stand for me “roughing it” while staying in their town. Teri and Jen have a state of the art training facility in Boca, called; The Warehouse, this beautiful, quiet facility became my place to crash after a couple of very long days. A very big thanks to these wonderful women.

Honey, I Shrunk the Dog

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Bogart shrunk 4-10-10When on the road without a support vehicle, on a wing and a prayer at times. There seems to fall from the sky at very opportune moments, very big-hearted people.
It is hard to believe the similarity of the markings, on the realistic looking statue of the Boston terrier, in a very quaint little store in Delray Beach, Florida. The store, Andi’s Scentique is owned by the nicest woman one could meet, Andi Weiss. Andi is one of those shirt off of one’s back types; she will do for others without a return need.  Since my original Kindness Bus Tour stop in this town, a couple of weeks ago and my current visit, Andi has done every nice act of kindness to assist in helping to make our journey easier. She is a major ambassador of One Million Acts Of Kindness. Thank you Andi.