Savanna College of Art and Design

April 20th, 2010

4-20-10I tentatively planned a visit to this campus, SCAD as it is called, last August to visit my friend Helen’s son, David. I finally arrived today and met with this very big hearted young man. David is a talented graphics design major; he is going to work to make this website even more informational than currently exists. Thank you David!
Alfredo and Humberto who are from Portugal, documented their pleasure of seeing the bus by photographing Bogart and me from many angles in front of the bus. Humberto has a blog named He is going to spread our message across Portugal. What great things can be accomplished with the internet. I also had the opportunity of meeting two very charming girls, Mallory and Pam. Both girls approached me about the same time. I was so impressed with their level of interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness that I asked both of them to write messages on the side of the bus. I was able to talk with over two hundred people during my brief stay. Bogart, during an explore of a nearby park in the city, was very interested in Can, a local musician. Can agreed to have Bogart sit with him while he played a couple of songs. Bogart rocks!!

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