Mother’s Day

May 9th, 2010

The following quotes are from people I talked with yesterday at the Hunger and Cancer walks:

A Mother is:
A hug when you’re down.
A spring flower.
Your first bike ride as a child.
Thanksgiving dinner.
The smell of brewing coffee.
Feeling better after being sick.
An overnight snowfall.
Leaves changing color.
A new pair of shoes.
Bedtime stories.
A warm sweater.
Your last day of school for the year.
A band-aid on your scrape.
Jump in the pool an a hot day.
Blueberry pancakes.
A new puppy.
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
A sky full of stars.
Jumping in a pile of leaves.
A baby’s smile.
Warm bread.
A day off.
Frost on the grass.
Giving to others.
A day without a schedule.
Everything good.

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