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Walks to End Hunger and Cancer

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

5-8-10Today in Cleveland were two walks in which I wished to participate, luckily both were within a few miles of each other, however both started about the same time. The walk to support research to help to end cancer was my first stop. The community came together in a big way to show their support. In the current economic environment, it seems like people’s hearts grow bigger while raising much-needed monies and awareness. We were able to make the bus visible to most of the thousands of walkers on their journey. The walk took place in the museum area of my hometown. Bogart pretended to be a raptor to this stegosaurus and climbed onto the only place he felt safe, even though a stegosaurus is a herbivore, Bogart didn’t care to get sent flying by its large tail.
With the first leg of my travels complete, we headed the bus to the downtown area of the city to the walk to help put an end to hunger in the region. Many inner-city children rely on school lunches to meet their nutritional needs, during the summer months there are no meals for these children. This walk addressed those needs. Thousands of people were just starting to make their way through the town. I couldn’t have located the bus in a better place and Bogart and I greeted and thanked nearly every walker on the start of their walk and their return as well. Being able to talk to parents and children was a great way to spread my message today.

My Beautiful Niece, Debbi

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010


While here lending what support I could for my buddy Bob K., a sudden and tragic event took place.  I lost a niece, Debbi, and as fate would have it, I was lucky enough to be here when it happened.  Life can take sudden and unexpected turns, for sure.

Thirty-seven years was all this earth could hold you. Please watch over all children to assure they are safe from harm. Help all of us to teach children, lessons which need to be learned. Keep my journeys under your caring, watchful eye. Knowing you are there, is all the assurance I will ever need. Rest in peace beautiful god-daughter