Last Bit of Summer Break

August 20th, 2010

8-19-10What happened? Wasn’t it just May?
New York City seems that it is filled with college students, getting their last week or two of summer break in before the new school year starts. I have met hundreds of students from schools across the country this past week. It is such a pleasure to see the wide interests these students have. It is also a pleasure to see the passions they have for so many of those in need. Students tackling big issues across the globe with great abandon. I am impressed. On Thursday morning there was more than usual of these students with their “heads on straight.” Two students from Quinnipiac University, Vanessa and Amanda, stopped by The Kindness Bus to get a detailed account of my travels and to get a photo account of every detail on the bus. With young adults such as them, it is encouraging to know that they will help to guide the direction in which this world is heading.
Once again, The Kindness Bus, Bogart and Bob are having great success at the corner of West 72nd & Central Park West. Thank you to all the “locals” who say what a pleasure it is to have The Kindness Bus Tour in their neighborhood.

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