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New York City Kindness

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

8-15-10Arriving in New York City on Saturday afternoon, the weather was perfect for any outdoor activity. Seeing the streets full of people, added to the excitement of knowing I would be able to talk with people in Central Park, from all parts of the world. As discovered on my previous month-long stay in New York, people from nations across the globe are loving the message of One Million Acts Of Kindness.
Central Park is a big draw for families, my favorite group to talk with. It is such a reward for me to know that a message of kindness is going to travel halfway around the world to the countries of these families. Italy, France, Germany and England were but a few of the countries represented by these families.
In the afternoon of Saturday and the rain-shortened Sunday, The Kindness Bus, being parked at one of the main entrances to Central Park was viewed by tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters. Bogart and I worked the crowds inside the park, challenging those who passed by, to take the One Million Acts Of Kindness lifetime pledge. It was a huge success. You can find one of these certificates on the homepage of our website, make your personal pledge today.
Two friends who are a big help when I visit are, Donna and Sally. They bend over backwards to lend assistance with anything the Kindness Bus Tour may need. Many thanks to both of them for their continued support.

Penn State

Friday, August 13th, 2010

8-13-10Katy, a very caring ROTC junior is interested in helping those needing care in hospitals. She was so excited to see Bogart as she had recently lost one of her two Irish setters. She posed at the Lion Shrine with a very content Bogart for today’s picture. Elsie, who was walking the campus grounds said “this is exactly what this world needs” and immediately put one of the stickers she took to good use. Tim, a construction materials testing engineer, talked with me on his lunch hour about making the world a better place his new grandchild will grow up in. He wished me all the best this world has to offer. WTAJ reporter Ashantai and cameraman Tom stopped by to do a story on One Million Acts Of Kindness. They thought it would be a great way to spread word about my mission to central Pennsylvania. A passerby said “There should be more news like this on TV?”
During the late evening hours the streets were crowded with parents and students, most of them are here for summer graduation tomorrow. I had the fortune of meeting Asa (a green energy guru) and his wife April, she owns the Enchanted Kitchen, a vegetarian restaurant in State College. They were so happy to see The Kindness Bus everywhere they were, as it moved from spot to spot.
I talked to over 500 people on this very long day on campus, not bad for a visit to a campus I wasn’t planning on visiting until next spring. I’ll be back.

Many More Buses Needed

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

8-12-10If you are at a point in your life where you can take a leap of faith, boy have I got a proposition for you. One year into my mission and one thing is as plain as day, there needs to be hundreds of these buses across the United States. I must have heard that sentiment echoed a hundred times this past year.
The payoff is huge; you will make an impact in millions of lives. Millions? Without a doubt. One Million Acts Of Kindness is being spread exponentially across the internet. The best way to combat hatred in this world is by individual kindness by millions/billions of people. Let’s show the world how kind our great country is, by embracing a lifetime goal of kindness with the hopes it then spreads throughout the world. This cannot happen without you taking part in this prodigious endeavor.
The Kindness Bus Tour is slowly making its way to New York City. We got caught in quite a bit of rain and had to pull off I-80. Unbelievable to me, it is the exit for Penn State. We will be making a visit in the morning.

New York City Bound

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

8-11-10With a full two week schedule ahead of me, I headed out to NYC through Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Everyone seemed to know Bogart as we made a quick pit-stop for some provisions for the drive into Pennsylvania. Ashley and Miranda, two very nice girls remembered us from our visit to this town earlier this summer. Bogart remembered as well, as Miranda gave him a stuffed chew toy during our last meeting. The two girls both thanked me for taking a stand for kindness with The Kindness Bus Tour. There were many friendly waves and conversations during my brief detour through this friendly small town. NYC is made up of small neighborhoods, the Upper West Side mid 70s is one of my favorites.
Bogart found this sassy cat to be too much fun not to give a big hug.

Kindness of Friends, Family and Strangers

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

8-10-10Having the support of those in your life is very important. Traveling  for extended periods of time, makes it all the more important.  As the second year of The Kindness Bus Tour begins, it is a comfort to know how much interest people have in this movement. I never dreamed how fast this would become a part of so many lives. I receive many inspiring letters and words of encouragement as I travel, all helping to make living on the bus a joy, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. The internet is helping to spread the word of my mission to all corners of the world, I have received emails from people from every continent, including Antarctica. Well wishes from people who agree that the kindness of an individual can change the world.

Rescue Dog on Board

Monday, August 9th, 2010

8-9-10Bogart is making friends everywhere we travel. After meeting him, people have a hard time believing that I became his fourth owner in his first year and a half of life. He has found a home with me and has the perfect personality for meeting thousands of people each week. I am amazed that he was advertised on Craigslist for a small donation. He was the perfect find. I tell people if he ever learns to drive the bus, I am “down the road”.
I am working on a children’s book series, with Bogart being the center of attention. Bogart will help children with some of the challenges they will face as they live their lives. Stay tuned for updates.

Video Blogs

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Beginning this month, on a somewhat regular basis, I will start posting vlogs which will address issues of human interest. One vlog per month is what I am thinking. There are many topics I will talk about, which I don’t address on the One Million Acts Of Kindness website.      I initially envisioned this website being mostly video but writing is much more fun and the video would take much more to create and on a daily basis would be quite cumbersome.