Vermilion, Ohio

August 2nd, 2010

8-2-10A one week detour to Michigan, before heading to New York City wasn’t in the plans, but it is just the sort of continual itinerary change which keeps The Kindness Bus Tour interesting. I plan to visit the University of Michigan and Michigan State campuses during this time. These campuses are so large that there is bound to be thousands of students here even in August.
On the way, I decided to stop in Vermilion, Ohio because of it’s proximity to Lake Erie and because I have a friend with a beautiful sailboat. (It’s sunny and 80 degrees with a steady onshore wind and I’m playing hooky) While driving through this charming town with my friend, I saw an inviting building with a sign which read, “Mayor’s Office” I decided to pay her a visit. We were met by Anne, a very friendly Administrative Assistant who was thrilled to learn of One Million Acts Of Kindness and get a small stack of kindness stickers for the city employees. Mayor Eileen Bulan appeared from her office to hear of The Kindness Bus Tour arriving in her friendly town. The Mayor requested that I leave The Kindness Bus on the street, right in front of the building. This act of kindness was as if she gave me the key to her fine city. If you are ever in Northern Ohio, put Vermilion on your list of places to visit.
The Kindness Bus is the only one working today, Bogart is going for his first sail of his life.

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