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Lacrosse and a Parade

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

10-25-10Taking a day off just doesn’t happen for The Kindness Bus Tour. No matter where we go, there are always people who want to engage in conversation. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
While driving past the University of Delaware sports facilities, I saw teams of Lacrosse players walking towards the playing fields. The Kindness Bus did a six lane U-turn and pulled into the parking lot. UD was hosting Navy, Siena and The Ohio State Buckeyes. What a great way to see some Lacrosse up close and promote One Million Acts Of Kindness to parents and students from four colleges. I love a captive audience. Robert, a soon to be Bishop in his local church, who was one of the bus drivers for Navy, couldn’t believe the beauty of The Kindness Bus. He added to its beauty by writing a great quote of his own.
Heading towards downtown Newark, gridlock ensued. On a Sunday afternoon, one doesn’t expect to experience all the streets to be closed, it turns out that Newark’s Halloween parade was 10 minutes from starting. The Kindness Bus Tour was invited to join in just by asking. Over 50,000 people, the 2nd captive audience of the day, had the treat of seeing Bogart hang his head out the driver’s window all along the parade route. Bogart loves a parade and apparently someone loves Bogart, witnessed by the writings on The Kindness Bus.

Paws for People, Newark, Delaware

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

10-23-10Lynne Robinson, Executive Director of Paws for People, a Pet-Assisted Visitation Volunteer Service, is the right person for the job. The Kindness Bus Tour was invited to attend their 2nd annual Wag-n-Walk, a fundraiser to support their cause. The team of individuals and corporate sponsors who give their time and resources can rest assured that something very special is taking place. Lynne has the respect of everyone involved in this organization; even the dogs love her, Bogart included.
Dogs are used as loving companions for people in need. From hospice to seniors to reading companions these four-legged friends are providing comfort. The dogs as reading companions caught me by surprise. Children with literacy issues can have a dog visit them. The dogs are read to and are nonjudgmental, so there is no pressure or embarrassment when a struggle with a word or phrase happens. The volunteer helps the child, third person. Pure perfection! Learn more about everything this group does at,

Newark High School, Newark, Delaware

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

10-22-10Respect, Achievement and Personal Responsibility are the words associated with the acronym for the Rap Club at this high school. Students help plan and implement events and activities which embrace the three values of this club. Valerie Morano was my connection at this school, helping to organize and arrange the necessary logistics for my stay. Valerie is one of two teachers who head up the Rap club, she is the perfect person for the job. Her energy level is contagious which gets the students highly involved. Bogart had her full attention during much of our visit, she is a dog lover and Bogart played it for all it was worth.
This school of 1,400 students is one of three high schools in the Newark/Wilmington area and is a big part of many of the senior’s preparation for attending nearby University of Delaware. After my talk, so many students took the time to stop by and talk with me about the new goal they just learned of. Valerie printed a Kindness Certificate for every student in attendance. I hope all of them get framed and hung on the bedroom walls of students. This mission just continues to get better.

A very big thanks goes out to Clare Garrison for making the numerous connections for my return visit to the great State of Delaware this weekend.

The Flawless Foundation, Pt.2

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

10-21-10When there is a need for children to be comforted and cared for, it is up to all of us to lend the assistance needed. There are so many challenges for kids these days. Kids have workloads far greater than kids in any previous generation. When everything goes right it is difficult, when it doesn’t it can be disastrous.
Enter, another angel along my journey, Janine Francolini. Janine is the founder of The Flawless Foundation. She realized comfort and care wasn’t being provided to children who needed it the most, and decided to do something about it. She assembled a team of diversely, talented individuals from coast to coast, across the United States to sit on her board of directors, advisory board, scientific advisory board and a long list of volunteers; all working for a common goal, Kids. Great strides in kids lives are being made because of Flawless and the way in which behavioral challenges are being addressed. Keep an eye on the great work that The Flawless Foundation does for children.

Today’s photo is of a postcard by Flawless Foundation board member Tara Dixon. Her art can be found at

The Flawless Foundation

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

“Think: Kids” is the brainstorm of Dr. Stuart Ablon in the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts  General Hospital. The Flawless Foundation sponsored a two day conference at the Churchill School and Center by this wonderfully articulate man. Most of the conferences  we attend, we are lucky if we come away with a few helpful statistics and scenarios, however, I came away with a few dozen that I will incorporate into my in-classroom programs and talks. I delayed my departure from New York by 2 days to attend, it was well worth every minute. I attended this conference as the guest of Janine Francolini, founder of The Flawless Foundation. Her background as an educator and an interest in seeing kids thrive has become her passion.  is an informative website with many ways to have your particular concern about an issue answered. There is much needed help for parents, educators and health care professionals when it comes a child needing a caring approach to a personal need. This is pure brilliance.

The Flawless Foundation

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

If you love children, please take the time to visit

Look for a special two day blog about this wonderful organization tomorrow.

A Trip to the Dog Park

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

10-17-10“Isn’t he supposed to be the kindness dog?” another dog owner asked with an inquisitively, perplexed tone. Bogart had just taken the ball from yet another dog. While in the dog park, Bogart anoints himself, “Bogarto! King of the Tennis Balls and Frisbees.” Any moving object is fair game. Any person, is a potential game player. He chases anything thrown to any dog by anyone, he is the Dog Whisperer poster child; the “before” picture. Any dog park we visit, Bogart quickly becomes the topic of conversation of all the other owners, in hushed tones. The looks on their astonished faces, give away their thoughts, as they turn to track Bogart’s every move. He is an Alpha dog with a triple shot of expresso running through his bloodstream. When asked his name, at times I want to make up an alias.
When it is time to leave is another story. While in the dog park, we are on “Bogart savings time;” the clock is advanced or reversed at will, Bogart’s. When I walk to the exit, Bogart stands just beyond my reach. He is just a bit faster than I and his reactions to my reach are instantaneous. I swear, I could have a T-bone steak, just off the grill, and Bogart won’t come if he chooses not to…Take one look at his face though, how could I ever be upset with Bogart.