New Feature to the One Million Acts of Kindness Website

November 20th, 2010

With the belief that positive influences by a parent, in a child’s life, can bring nothing but goodness to that child, we are going to try to help all parents nurture those positive influences. Raising a child is something so important that it should be not taken lightly. You are a role model to your child throughout your life. Taking a vow to remind yourself throughout your life is what I am trying to accomplish with this new feature.
We are going to add four “Parent’s Vow” documents you will be able to access from the homepage of our website. Mother to Son; Mother to Daughter; Father to Son and Father to Daughter documents will be able to customized with a picture of you and your child, your child’s name and your signature. We ask that you frame these, hang them in a prominent spot and use them as a reminder, as you view them everyday.
These documents should be added to the website in the very near future.

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