Merry Christmas to Everyone!

December 25th, 2010

12-25-10Carolyn, a very proud woman who lives on the southeast side of Savannah, stopped me one day, to talk about the reason for The Kindness Bus. She became a fan immediately. She loves the fact that kindness is for everyone. She also believes that Christmas is for everyone, that is why she puts two Santa Claus figures on her front porch. “If it’s good, it’s good for everyone” she told me.
Carolyn thought her days of having Christmas for children, at her home, were over years ago, when the last of her 7 children, “got married off.” Due to unexpected circumstances, her 6 grandchildren began showing up to live with her. She is now raising the third generation of children in her family as 2 of her great-grandchildren have moved in with her. Christmas is a very special time for her as she loves the celebration of the month-long planning for the never-ending stream of children coming back to live with her. Merry Christmas Carolyn. Merry Christmas to Everyone!!

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