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A Few Days to Reflect

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Please look for a very special blog next week called; Another Angel on The Kindness Bus Tour, about my very best friend Chuck, who passed away unexpectedly. Thank you to everyone for the condolences, Bob

Move that Bus, Bogart

Monday, December 20th, 2010

12-20-10Lisa Scarbrough saw a need and decided to do something about it. Even with having major surgery a few weeks prior, she spent the time while she was recovering, organizing donations of local businesses and getting volunteers to donate their time for the Stewart family in Savannah. Cabell Stewart, at the age of six months had a heart transplant. A couple months before his 2nd birthday he was diagnosed with Autism. For nearly two years, Brad and Amy Stewart have been living life in and out of hospitals with little time for anything else. The Stewart family was hoping to be the family chosen for an upcoming segment for the Extreme Home Makeover, but were not; enter Lisa Scarbrough. Lisa decided that she would create an Extreme Christmas Makeover for the Stewarts. An army of tradesmen did needed repairs and updating while landscapers toiled outside. The cleaning crew and decorators worked their magic indoors.
Lisa convinced me that The Kindness Bus Tour should remain in Savannah for another week to have us be the “Move that Bus” bus. A community came together to give this home a makeover in two days time. Brad and Amy have had very little time to pay attention to their home and with this Extreme Christmas Makeover, transformed their ranch-style home into a Christmas showcase home. I was proud to play a small part in this “best Christmas wish ever.”

Visit Savannah for Your Next Vacation

Friday, December 17th, 2010

12-17-10Wow, did I say that? This town has been doing everything right since 1733. Two hundred seventy seven years later, that tradition continues. I’ve been here fourteen days of that total and it is easy to start feeling like you are a part of this town after two weeks. The history, architecture, river,  parks, squares, mix of shops and trees make up its charm. The people are the main asset. Everyone has been so friendly towards The Kindness Bus Tour during our extended stay. I have so many people to thank for the many acts of kindness showered upon me.
You know you are in a friendly town when Joseph Marinelli, President of The Savannah Area Convention & Visitors Bureau comes down and extends his help for future visits to his city. To me this act showed the mind-set of a city which lives up to its motto of the Hostess City.
Savannah is a city as a whole which seems to adopt the Rotary Four-way test; 1.) Is it the truth?  2.) Is it fair to all concerned?  3.) Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  4.) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Today was a very big day on the streets of Savannah, I think Bogart had his magic working today as it seemed like everyone who passed by, talked with us.
The Kindness Bus was paid the ultimate compliment today by a couple from Spain. They said that it was the most remarkable sight they have seen since they have arrived in the United States a couple of weeks ago, including a week in New York City. I guess I should have asked them what they meant by remarkable.

Yemin Orde

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

12-16-10Half-way around the world from Beachwood, Ohio is a youth village which rescues homeless children from war-torn regions, houses and cares for them, giving the comfort which is so badly needed. Recently, to make matters worse, wildfires in Israel burned some of Yemin Orde village. Twice homeless, when children should never be left homeless.
A Youth Ability fundraiser is being organized in Beachwood, Ohio by Heidi Solomon of the Jewish Family Services. Heidi and I met last summer and planned on meeting with her group of children. I am excited to announce that she has decided to have me talk at her fund-raiser in January. Her children will be performing a play for the local community. Children getting involved in helping others, creates an awareness of the importance of selflessness at the earliest age possible.

With the warming of Savannah today, the foot traffic seems to have increased ten-fold. I met so many people today and since I was in Savannah this previous spring I am meeting some people for the 2nd time. Four different college students remembered me from UGA and SCAD visits last year. I love the power of the word of mouth.

Pooches for Peace

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

12-15-10Jesse Colin Young of The Youngbloods, a 60s band, travels the country singing with the same enthusiasm, many of the classic songs he sang 40 years ago. Jesse is a big Kindness fan. He and his band have many of my stickers on their cases and equipment. I heard their biggest hit “Get Together” earlier today and listened to the lyrics; “Come on people now, smile on your brother everybody get together try and love one another right now.”
This forty year old song reminds me of one thing; a wish for peace. I have been waiting for just the right moment for Bogart to wear this oversize necklace that was given to me by a shopkeeper in Swansboro, NC. Hearing “Get Together” was reason enough.
The weather today in Savannah moderated somewhat, allowing me to talk with hundreds of people making up for spending the past few days indoors. Michael Brooks, Publisher of South Magazine which wrote an article about One Million Acts Of Kindness, was introduced to me while outside. Their website which is worth visiting is A young couple Sky and Slade from Canada couldn’t get enough of Bogart and The Kindness Bus. They are at

Love for No Reason

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Shimoff_Love for No Reason fnl coverNearly a year ago, I was contacted by Carol Kline regarding a book to which she was contributing. She interviewed me on a couple of occasions. The book, Love for No Reason, was being written by Marci Shimoff. During the process, over 30,000 pages of notes were compiled from over 200 individuals, some of the individuals are known internationally. My thought was, what sort of chance do I have of ending up in this book? I must admit, I guessed wrong.
This evening, I received an email saying that I am going to be quoted in, Love for No Reason. I am beyond honored. Marci, a #1 New York Times best selling author’s previous book, Happy for No Reason, was an international sensation, printed in several languages and selling millions of copies.
There is a power at work, wanting One Million Acts Of Kindness to spread to people’s hearts across the world.
On January 11th 2011, Love for No Reason will be available everywhere books are sold. Please buy copies of Love for No Reason for everyone you know, you have every reason.

Calm in all the Chaos

Monday, December 13th, 2010

12-13-10The feeling of serenity, when the world seems to slow to a manageable pace and you are able to realize the correctness of every decision in front of you, is important for one’s inner peace. In this chaotic world, where life races faster than we are able to steer at times, there are lifelines, you just have to know where to look for them. That is the beauty of this panel of art inspired by a very talented artist from Brooklyn, New York.
The first lifeline is Gratitude. An appreciation of what we have and our abilities to offer it for the good of others. Thankfulness, at its highest level, that is Gratitude. When the heart is full, and you express your Gratitude, growth takes place. Gratitude in the heart makes the being, beautiful in every way. There is never a down side to your Gratitude, for Gratitude is pure goodness.
The second lifeline in the chaos is Kindness. Doing for others is the core of Kindness. The choice of wanting to do for others with nothing in return can have powerful meaning. Altruism should be the core of all of us. Doing for and helping others should be learned at a very young age. Nothing in return should ever be expected.
My favorite part of the artist’s inspiration on this panel is how the two hearts have a line connected through the word family. Gratitude and Kindness can inspire individuals throughout their entire lives. Gratitude and Kindness, pass it on.
Savannah was so cold today, most everyone stayed indoors, including me and Bogart. It was a productive day of planning for One Million Acts Of Kindness Week and working on other big plans to be announced in January.