One Million Thanks to All

February 20th, 2011

Great things are possible because of you. Unfortunately, most times it takes a tragedy to get involved in helping others find comfort from your caring acts; other sometimes it takes a planned event to create an awareness of the importance of your much needed involvement.
Raising an awareness with One Million Acts Of Kindness Week and Random Acts Of Kindness Week which take place the same week of the year, create an awareness in people. There should be kindness weeks all year long. No matter the goal of the organization, people being kind toward one another is the ultimate outcome.
A realization of the amazing things you can accomplish in your life is the first step in a direction which can have a positive impact on millions of people. With the entire world connected by the internet, a great need can be met globally.
Thank you to all of the well-wishers and their expressions of success for One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, our expectations were surpassed and your accomplishments reached around the globe.
I also wish to thank everyone who helped to exponentially spread word of this mission. People who used whatever means to connect with their circle of friends and inform them of the importance of taking part in this week.
Teachers in classrooms, involving their students with a worthy lifetime goal, are to be commended for taking the time to help their students find a cause for which they could best use their combined efforts. Just the thought of educators and students working together on a community effort is a “lead by example” lesson not learned from a book.
Unknown, is the impact of any kind act, and to me that is my favorite part. Not knowing how far-reaching your kind gesture’s impact will be is the beauty of altruism, for kindness is truly contagious.
Don’t ever expect anything in return for your kindness, know that by doing, someone is benefiting. Keep doing deeds knowing that you are making a difference in a big way.
Every child and every parent who got their families involved in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, Thank you. Knowing that families are taking part working together to accomplish a common goal for the betterment of others is reason enough for me to grow One Million Acts Of Kindness Week to as many people as possible.

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