Parental Involvement

February 23rd, 2011

I meet many remarkable people along my travels who have accomplished and are accomplishing some great things. Sometimes I read or hear of worldwide organizations that have been formed by a single person to help others around the globe. Other times a sentence or two a person says can have a very profound impact on others.
I met a family of four today who made an impact on me. The two teenaged children of this mom and dad were connected with doing for others because of the connection with their parents. The positive involvement of a parent in a child’s life gives a child the best possible chance of being a help to society.
The thought the father imparted to me made me realize the fortunate upbringing these two kids experienced. He said something to the effect that, everyone should eliminate one negative thing they might do during the course of the day and replace it with a positive. These are some very lucky kids.

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