February 25th, 2011

2-25-11-AThe State of Missouri lost a bus, the world gained a bus.  Nearly 2 years ago I drove 4 hours from 2-25-11-BChagrin Falls, Ohio to Fowlerville, Michigan to buy what might quite possibly be the most popular school bus on the face of the earth. It was just an ordinary smaller sized bus that I had big plans for its future service. It was still just an ordinary bus even after it was painted a light blue sky color, appropriately named “Soar.” The magic began when the first words were painted on it’s exterior, as if it were a canvas.
The life we lead remains the same until we affect change. The change you make can have powerful implications. A plain bus, and you, can go through life without having an impact. Add a little passion and you change. Add a lot of passion and you change the world. Wear your passion on your sleeve for the world to see. You can start changing the world with just a little paint on your canvas.

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