Corinne’s Kindness for Kids

March 29th, 2011

3-29-11Corinne gets it!! Corinne is only 7 years old and she is wise beyond her years. I met Corinne and her mom and dad recently. They were having dinner at an outside patio when The Kindness bus passed by their table. Having to negotiate some tight parking in the restaurant lot, gave Corinne and her dad time to walk to my parking space and greet me and Bogart as we exited The Kindness Bus. Corinne came to meet me to ask me a question. She told me that she had outgrown her stuffed animals and asked if I could do her a favor and take them to children at the next hospital we visit. She wants to make sick kids happy. Powerful stuff from the mind of a seven year old.
How many opportunities slip us by as adults, where we could have reached out to help someone and we chose not to lend assistance. Maybe the kind gesture of a 7 year old can help all of us to see the need of so many, across the world. Thank you Corinne for opening our eyes a little more.

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