Kentucky Kindness in Florida

March 31st, 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Patti and her husband Bill, from Kentucky recently, for but a brief amount of time. In this short amount of time, Patti imparted the importance of spreading kindness to everyone around the world, the sooner the better. We couldn’t have been more perfectly aligned in agreement. Bogart was the object of her affection as we talked and discussed One Million Acts Of Kindness and its possibilities. It was clear to me at that time, that she knew the need for a shift to global kindness consciousness.
I saw Patti again today, she was standing a block away, next to The Kindness Bus, talking with a family who appeared to grow more interested with everything she talked about with them. As I sat and watched from a distance for about a minute, I could see how natural it was for her to talk to strangers about this much needed change for humanity.
I talked with her at great length after she finished her conversation. She is now a much needed ambassador for One Million Acts Of Kindness and her generosity to my mission is a huge help to reach thousands of people as we make our way north over the course of the next few weeks. Thank you Patti.

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