Kindness Down Under

March 1st, 2011

Kangaroo picIt was bound to happen. Hey Mate! There’s a kindness movement heading your way. Australia would be a logical location for the kindness movement to spread. Another Kindness Bus on the road? A recent transplant from California to this island continent, country has proposed such an idea. This would be the jam on my toast for sure. Already having a van and in need of a paint job as well, this couple is giving serious consideration to doing it up big time. Photos of The Kindness Bus from every possible angle and a jpg of the front and rear of the sticker have been sent. As this movement grows globally, it only make sense that there would be someone out there who might want to do the same. This little blue ball can use all The Kindness Buses it can possibly stand. If you have seen enough hatred in the news and haven’t done anything about it, maybe this is your wake up call. Only you can do it, because if you don’t, that means you’re waiting for someone else to do it, and it probably won’t happen. Don’t let another moment go by without you taking a stand against hatred. Do it big time, and do it with a kind heart.

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