Ones and Fives

March 26th, 2011

Assistant pastor of The In Church, Ted Taylor, knew what The Kindness Bus’ message was the moment he parked next to it at a local coffee shop. He read most of the messages and then had to find the driver. He and I discussed the “Reader’s Digest” version of One Million Acts Of Kindness and he told me of some of the great things his group is accomplishing. They have a LYN, Love Your Neighbor group which is doing wonderful things for the community. Ted is excited about the prospects of bringing One Million Acts Of Kindness Week to his LYN group and participating in 2012. It is not too early to sign up for the week and you can do so on the homepage of our website.
Ted has a favorite kind act he likes to do all the time; he likes to save his “ones and fives” he gets as change from his cash purchases. He looks for a cause to be the beneficiary of his generosity when he feels the amount is large enough. I’m guessing you know what mission he supported with those “Ones and Fives.”

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