Kindness in the News in DUMBO

April 26th, 2011

The magic continues in DUMBO, in Brooklyn, NY. Connections I made this past Easter weekend are calling for interviews and with their offers of support. Two people I met, Channon Hodge and Sarah Ewald, who are journalism, graduate students at CUNY, did a great job of interviewing the mission of One Million Acts Of Kindness for their school newsite, Their video story will go out to residents throughout NYC. I love this town!! New York City, although so large, is made up of hundreds of neighborhoods, a new neighborhood on every street. Their has been nothing but praise for my mission throughout every borough of New York.
Please look for a link to this story on the One Million Acts Of Kindness Facebook wall in the near future. One more item of note, Channon has a great website worth visiting called;

This afternoon and evening, The Kindness Bus Tour made a 6 hour drive to Whitney Point, New York, for a day long series of events tomorrow.

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